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wakr rayRay has been the WAKR Morning host for since 2000 after a successful career in the Erie , Pennsylvania market as a Host and Operation Manager for WAKR/ WZPR / WMDE radio in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Ray won the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Sportscaster of the year two times and is currently the play-by-play voice of Hiram College Athletics. Ray has been involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Akron Children's Concert Society, Akron Public Schools, and The Embrace Care Clinic. Ray loves baseball, outdoor activities and spending time with his four children, Elizabeth, Rocco, Ava and Gia. Ray, his wife, Melissa and the children live in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Monday, 09 December 2019 09:13

Ray Horner Podcast - 12/12/2019

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:19 - The public has decided A Christmas Story is their favorite Christmas movie, followed by Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Producer and WAKR staff member Tony Mazur was on hand (as he usually is) to share some fun facts about the movie, which was partially filmed in Cleveland…
Friday, 06 December 2019 09:54

Ray Horner Podcast - 12/6/2019

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:19 - A common trope in the internet outrage community around the holidays is “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer promotes bullying.” Ray brings up the bullying aspects, with Santa, the coach, and “all of the other reindeer” being mean, while Tony, Jeanne, and Steffany claim it’s a story about redemption. 11:52…
Friday, 06 December 2019 09:22

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-12-6-19 Featured

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This week, we're spotlighting local company that can help you make your own tech invention dreams come true. We'll also hear about some new advances in artificial intelligence, the new Tesla Cybertruck, and a NASA mission to Antarctica.
Thursday, 05 December 2019 10:19

Ray Horner Podcast - 12/5/2019

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:19 - We’ve all seen the Goodyear Blimp fly overhead, whether it’s at a sporting event or our front yard. But what is it like to be up in the airship? Ed Ogden and pilot Jerry Hissem from Goodyear shared their experiences in the ship, and talked about their Toys-For-Tots…
Thursday, 05 December 2019 07:52

Cathy Rudolph - Author of Paul Lynde: A Biography

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Cathy Rudolph was living in her Long Island home when she, like millions of others, fell in love with the talents of comedic actor Paul Lynde. But unlike the vast majority of those viewers, she made it a point to meet the man and create a friendship in the years…
This week our 1590 WAKR Female Student Athlete of the Week is Amiyah Stallings, a junior basketball player from Buchtel High School. Her coach, Brian Neugebauer said that she embodies all it takes to be a successful student athlete.   “Amiyah is a hard worker, a captain, a shooter, and…
Wednesday, 04 December 2019 09:48

Ray Horner Podcast - 12/4/2019

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:19 - Is the Democratic presidential race increasing or decreasing? We don’t know, as some candidates are dropping out, yet others are joining the process. Kamala Harris is the latest dropout, and the morning show panel discussed her strengths and weaknesses, and what eventually did her in. 7:35 - Our…
Tuesday, 03 December 2019 14:15

Ray Horner Podcast - 12/3/2019

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:19 - With the holidays coming up, Ray mentioned a few items from the 1960’s that he remembers fondly as far as gift giving, especially when the Sears catalogue came in the mail. 6:00 - Today is day two of the 70th annual WAKR Share-A-Christmas, with 100% of the proceeds…
Monday, 02 December 2019 09:16

Ray Horner Podcast - 12/2/2019

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:19 - The Browns had a three-game winning streak as they trudged into Pittsburgh….and promptly lost, 20-13 at Heinz Field. Ray and Tony gave a brief recap, where they blame head coach Freddie Kitchens for not only a poor display of coaching, but his T-shirt choices and post-game rhetoric. 6:42…
Friday, 29 November 2019 09:21

This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-11-29-19 Featured

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This week: green energy, electric cars, and Neflix making a big splash, on the big screen.
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