Wednesday, 08 November 2017 09:52

AUDIO: 2017 Election Roundup

The local elections for 2017 have now come and gone. While it was not a loaded election as far as major issues, there were points of interest on the ballot that were important to the communities. These were discussed on the Ray Horner Morning Show.

In Cuyahoga Falls, incumbent Don Walters keeps his seat in the mayor’s office in a race over Susan Hale.

The Clerk of Courts race was tightly-contested and came down to the wire, but incumbent Jim Laria won by a whisker over Jeff Fusco.

A much-needed school levy was passed in Coventry, a community that has had their share of issues passing levies over the years. Lisa Blough, their superintendent, is excited about the next chapter.

An upbeat Jeff Ramnytz, the superintendent at Barberton schools, talked about their passage of their levy.

Not all the school levies passed. Woodridge schools did not pass theirs, and neither did Norton. Dana Addis, the superintendent at Norton, talked about how they will regroup.

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This week, the Rubber City Radio Group is putting the spotlight on the heroin epidemic that is not only affecting the Akron area, but across the country. Barberton, a once-bustling area that has fallen on hard times, is one of the communities hit hard by the heroin outbreak. Barberrton City Schools Superintendent Patti Cleary joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss what the Barberton community is doing to educate families of this drug epidemic.

Cleary believes most students understand the risks of heroin, but further education on drug use and its affects will continue to be put in place.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER