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Sam and Brad Show Podcast 11.27.18

Sam and Brad caught up with Doug Dieken to start the Tuesday Podcast.

At 13:05, they caught up with Ryan McGee to talk college football and where Ohio State might end up prior to the Big 10 title game.


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ESPN The Magazine senior writer Ryan McGee spoke about the madness surrounding college football with Brad Russell on Tuesday.


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In the world of college football, realignment of conferences has been one of the hot topics, and the divide between the Power 5 and the Group of 5 conference schools will grow even wider.

Ryan McGee, senior writer for ESPN joined the Sam Bourquin Show to talk about some of the rumors and what conferences and college football will look like moving forward.

He says the Big 12 will be one of the conferences that will look to expand first.

"The movement is coming and I think it's going to start in the Big 12, and the dominoes are going to fall, like they did a couple of years ago," he said.  "Expansion means more money."

 Texas and Oklahoma, the mainstays in the Big 12 would have teams like SMU, Tulane and others in a 16-team conference, and he projects Notre Dame would be in a 16-team Big Ten. You can look at Ryan's article here.

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