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Sam and Brad Show Podcast 04/10/19

On Wednesday's abbreviated edition of the Sam and Brad Show, the guys caught up with Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day ahead of the 2019 Spring Game (00:21) and Tim Stried of the Ohio High School Athletic Association stops by to break down the latest in high school athletics (14:12).

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Sam and Brad Show Podcast 11.26.18

Sam and Brad caught up with Ari Wasserman of the Athletic right off the bat to talk about the OSU beatdown of the University of Michigan over the weekend and they also caught up with Tim Stried of the OHSAA at 13:12 to talk about the state championships this week in high school football, including Thursday's game between Hoban and Massillon. At 25:11 they talked Browns with beat writer Steve Doerschuk to talk about their win over the Bengals in Cincy. 


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The Board of Directors had their meetings this morning and Tim Stried from the OHSAA spoke with Sam and Brad to talk about some of the divisional breakdowns and competitive balance in boys and girls basketball.

Also Tim discussed the proposal passed during the meeting to extend the baseball season in high school athletics by one week.


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For the first time in a couple of years, the OHSAA State Championships went back to Canton at the newly christened Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

Tim Stried from the OHSAA spoke about this past weekend and that they will be looking at for next year in the state finals.


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Tim Stried from the OHSAA spoke with Sam Bourquin Monday to talk about the upcoming high school football playoffs in the Buckeye State. 


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Tim Stried from the OHSAA spoke with Sam and Brad Tuesday to talk about the changes coming to the OHSAA in both playoff format and Divisions I-VII.


For the full interview, click here.


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AUDIO Tim Stried Talks OHSAA News & Notes

Tim Stried from the OHSAA spoke with Sam and Brad Wednesday to talk about the various news and notes going on in the OHSAA. He also discussed the possible changes coming to the state playoffs in the OHSAA as well.


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Tim Stried from the OHSAA spoke with Sam Bourquin and Brad Russell to talk about the new regulations in high school baseball as it relates to pitch counts.


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After an Ohio High School Athletic Association investigation into the Massillon Washington football program,  the Tigers will be on probation for three years due to alleged recruiting violations.

Director of Commuications for the OHSAA, Tim Stried joined Brad Russell Monday to talk about the situation, what that means for the team, and head football coach Nate Moore.

He said the sanctions affect the school and the OHSAA and their interaction.

"Whenever a school's on probation, there's a heightened awareness that the school's had some violations, and  there's an increase in communication between the OHSAA and the school," he said.

If the Tigers make the playoffs in 2016, Moore is suspended from coaching the team throughout the duration of the playoffs.  The school is also facing a $5,000 fine and some of the penalties extend to some student-athletes as well.

For the full interview with Brad and Tim Stried, click here.

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There's busy times for the Ohio High School Athletic Association in Division I football as the announcement was made to have four regions for the D-I tournament instead of two this coming fall.

Tim Stried from the OHSAA came on with Sam Bourquin to discuss the move, how it was made.

He says by formatting it in the same vein as Divisions II-VII, there will be more of an emphasis from teams and coaches on the regional championships and a decrease in travel for some teams.


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Many different issues are going on in and around high school athletics, and one of the issues that has been much talked about is competitive balance.

Tim Stried from the OHSAA joined the Sam Bourquin Show to talk about it and what it means for high school athletics moving forward for coaches, players, and school districts alike. 

"The release was prompted by the fact we needed to announce the timing of it," he said. "We initially planned on collecting roster data this year (2015-16) and having it apply to the rosters and school enrollments for next year (2016-17."

In 2014, the member schools of the OHSAA passed the competitive balance plan to address the balance in team sports and how schools are grouped in certain divisions for the tournament. 

Schools will submit their rosters and could move up a division, depending on a series of factors.

"From our public schools, they've said all along there's a fundamental difference between public and non-public schools, and we agree with that, but we want everyone to stay together," Stried said.

 There will be a new enrollment cycle in 2017-18.

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Athletic infractions and $10,000 in fines have been handed down to the Akron Public Schools, as a result of the Ohio High School Athletic Association's investigation into problems with eligibility at APS.

Tim Stied with the OHSAA says that 16 ineligible athletes were found at five of seven APS high schools.

"We had seven kids that didn't meet the academic requirements to be eligible," Stried tells WAKR's Sam Bourquin, "and there were seven kids that had transfered in that ended being eligible retroactively, but these schools had never requested an eligibility ruling for them in the first place."

The five high schools, according to an OHSAA document, are Buchtel, East, Firestone, Garfield and Kenmore.

Stried says they started looking into APS after realizing the district didn't run standard eligibility questions by them.

The Akron schools have instituted a new eligibility checking plan under new athletic director Joe Vassalotti, which will help knock down the OHSAA fine from $12,500 to $10,000.

Stried says he's confident that the Akron schools understand what needs to be done, and should be OK moving forward.

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