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The Latest COVID-19 Statistics in Ohio Featured

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Ohio now has 1653 confirmed cases of COVID-19 coronavirus as of the latest from the Ohio Department of Health and Governor Mike DeWine on Sunday. 

Summit County Public Health, meanwhile confirmes 100 cases of coronavirus as of Sunday afternoon, including 5 deaths. 

There have been 29 deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus statewide, with 403 patients hospitalized, and 139 in ICU.  

Dr. Acton suggests that COVID-19 coronavirus cases will peak in late April or early May, adding that Ohio is on a trend much like New York City that has seen a severe increase in cases. Acton says we are on a seven to 14 day lag behind New York in our testing capacity, so we can expect a surge within a couple of weeks. 

Last week, Dr. Acton suggested that we could see, at our peak, between 6,000 and 8,000 cases per day. On Saturday, she said that number could even be as high as 10,000 cases per day in the state.  

As of Monday, April 23, the Stay At Home or Shelter In Place order was in effect, running through April 6th. This past weekend, however, President Donald Trump extended his social distancing order to run through the entire month of April, so it is expected that the governor follow suit and extend the Stay at Home order as well. 

With that in mind, the governor's office has put together the following commercial urging Ohioans to "Stay At Home" : 


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