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COVID-19: Statistics and Reopening Ohio Featured

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As of the latest update from the Ohio Department of Health and Governor Mike DeWine's office, there are 30,167 total cases of coronavirus in the state; an increase of more than 700 cases from Wednesday's report. 

The total number of deaths related to COVID-19 is now 1,836; 55 more than the previous report.    

Summit County Public Health's dashboard is showing 1,165 total cases, an increase of 48 from the previous day's report, and now 144 deaths. The total number of cases in Cuyahoga County is now 3,667 and 202 fatalities, according to the ODH. 


Governor Mike DeWine has laid out the process of reopening the state, noting that testing and tracing the pandemic were the key elements to getting us to the point of being able to reopen at all. 

By the end of May, DeWine says we will be at 22,000 daily tests. 

As far as tracing coronavirus, the governor's office has created a workforce plan to gather volunteers and other workers to help in those efforts over a long period of time. That plan is laid out in three tiers that can be seen at the state's website here.  

When it comes to reopening Ohio, the governor has given three dates in May to begin this process. Starting May 1st, DeWine says all health procedures and operations that do not require an overnight stay in the hosptial can move forward, including dental services. 

Under the new order, starting May 4th, general offices and manufacturing, distribution and construction companies will be allowed to restart business if they had been closed under the original order back in March. Guidelines regarding this "responsible restart" can be found here

Beginning May 12th retail, service, and consumer businesses will be allowed to reopen in Ohio. All employees will be required to wear face masks, and all customers are encouraged to wear masks. DeWine said Monday, "We are not going to mandate that, but when a customer goes into a business they will have to have that face mask because they will be... dealing with the people that are working there." 

There are still several businesses that will remain closed into May: 


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