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Cuteness Alert!: Snowy Owlets @ Akron Zoo Featured

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Something new at the Akron Zoo, as they announce three new Snowy Owlets hatched there in early July.

Zoo officials are just now releasing the details and pictures of the little owlets, but they're not yet ready for prime time, and living in "private bedrooms" with their parents.

Look for owlet updates on the Zoo's social media pages, but for now; they're just releasing some pictures of their newest occupants.

In a news release, Doug Piekarz, president & CEO at the Akron Zoo, said “We’re really excited to welcome three snowy owlets. He adds that “Cirrus and Frost are doing an incredible job caring for the owlets. These hatchings are a major celebration for the future of snowy owls and increasing their populations. I am proud of my staff for helping to create a welcoming environment for Frost and Cirrus to expand their family.”

You can find more information now, at

Owlet #1

Owlet 1

Owlet #2

Owlet 2

Owlet #3

Owlet 3

You can find more information now, at


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