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Who Shot At Akron Police? Featured

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Akron Police are looking for tips to help them find out who shot at an officer from inside a minivan in Akron's Firestone Park neighborhood late Friday night.

They say it all started at 11:17 PM, when the officer was sitting in a marked cruiser, and heard shots near the intersection of Arlington Street and E. Archwood Avenue. Then a silver Chrysler Pacifica sped past at about 80 miles an hour, and the officer began to pursue it.

However, once he got to the intersection of Reed Avenue and Clement Street, they say the minivan stopped, and somebody inside began shooting at him, before taking off again. Police say the shots continued even after the officer chased after them with lights and siren, but he lost track of them on Kelley Street near Wiley Avenue.

While neither the officer or his cruiser were struck by bullets; they did hit a parked car and at least once residence on Clement Street.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Akron Police.




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