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Violent Threats Cast Shadow On Upcoming Election Featured

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From members of Congress leaving office; some, mid-term, to expressons of alarm on the part of federal judges; the run-up to this year's Presidential election is like no other, in recent history.

"Deeply concerning and weird" are just two of the adjectives CBS News Political Correspondent, Scott McFarlane used to describe what's been going on in the nation's capitol and beyond, as former President Trump amps up the pressure on federal judges, prosecutors, and even their families in anticipation of his upcoming election interference trial in New York. 

Campaign rhetoric has also gotten pretty dark, as the Republican former President displayed a fabricated image of his Democratic rival, President Joe Biden, bound and gagged in the back of a pickup truck on his Truth Social media platform, just a few days ago.

Listen now to find out more, as Jeanne Destro talks to CBS News Congressional Correspondent, Scott McFarlane:


scott macfarlane

Scott McFarlane, CBS News Congressional Correspondent

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