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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-12-3-21: New Clean Water Technology

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This week, we're looking at some innovative new technology aimed at both preventing, and cleaning up toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie. This is not only designed to protect swimmers and boaters on the Great Lake, but is also important to keep drinking water safe for nearly three million people in Northeast Ohio.

In fact, according to recent new reports, including one in the Washington Post; toxic algae originating in Lake Erie and other bodies of water, is threatening the health of humans and marine life as far south as the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, we'll find out more about H2Ohio water improvement projects going on statewide, including several either in, or close to Summit County.

Listen now for our interview with Lake Erie Commission President, Joy Mulinex, and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency spokesperson, Heidi Griesmer.

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