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This Week In Tech With Jeanne Destro-5-26-23: More Eyes In The Sky

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You see them on TV all the time; images of dramatic car crashes, fires, and disasters, beamed down to viewers from helicopters.

 So, one would just kind of naturally kind of assume police have all that same kind of technology at their fingertips all the time, and that they can use it to fight crime whenever they want.

But they can’t —at least not yet—here in Ohio.

However, thanks to a $6 million dollar state grant, some new technology that has been tested so far in Columbus and Akron, will be deployed statewide. 

Listen now to our conversation with Ohio State Highway Patrol Aviation Commander, Lt. Justin Cromer, about how they will soon be able to give more local police departments assistance from internet-connected “eye in the sky” helicopters and airplanes.



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