Friday, 03 November 2023 06:49

Ultra High Speed Municipal Broadband On The Way For Everyone In Summit County

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This week, news that Summit County's multi-million dollar, 125 mile fiber-optic cable ring project, is now in the process of growing and developing into something much bigger and better.
Originally conceived as a network that that would connect the County, through it's new data center, with 31 city, village, and township governments; now they're planning to bring more affordable, ultra high speed internet access like they have in Fairlawn, through their Fairlawn Gig municipal broadband, to all Summit County residents.

In addition, the high speed internet will be connected to new security cameras  installed soon near the University of Akron campus, which will send live images directly to both campus and Akron police,  providing  "eyes in the sky", that can help keep students safe. 

Listen now, as Summit County Executive's Chief of Staff, Brian Nelsen talks about the new public-private partnership that will not only provide involve hard-wired fiber optic connections to people's homes and offices, but wireless LTE connections as well:

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