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When AI Eats Your Job: What's Next?

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Imagine if the outrage Apple stirred up this week over the ad showing their super thin new Ipad Pro "crushing" images representing art and music, amplified billions of times over. 

Imagine that instead of just crushing just digital images of human creativity, another tech creation; artificial intelligence, actually crushes our entire world economy, by eliminating 30 to 50 percent of all jobs, leaving millions of people, including today's top earners, in the dust, on the dole, and in despair.

Then, imagine another reality, and in this one; all the boring bits of your job disappear, and you are left free to concentrate on the creative bits, with the time and freedom to innovate, and collaborate in new ways that could usher in a new age of prosperity.

Now, imagine that you get to choose, but you have to do it right now. What would you do? How could you choose>? Who could you ask for help? 

These are the kinds of questions that our guest today, David Shrier, attempts to answer in his new book, "Welcome to AI" A Human Guide to Artificial Intelligence". Find out more. Listen now.


David Shrier author

David Shrier

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David Shrier is a globally recognized author and expert on technology-driven innovation. He is a Professor of Practice, AI and Innovation, at Imperial College Business School, cohead of the Trusted AI Alliance at Imperial College London, Academic Director of the Imperial College Centre for Digital Transformation, and Managing Director of venture studio Visionary Future. He previously held a dual appointment at MIT and the University of Oxford. Shrier has advised public companies, private enterprise, and more than a hundred governments on fields such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and financial technology. In addition, he has launched multiple AI-based university spinouts.


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