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A bunch of new movies coming out this week, lets take a look at a few!



A Quiet Place

There are many things about this movie that make it very original and others that don't.  But for me, the good far outweighs the bad.  This is a 90-minute intense thriller that doesn't sell out to special effects and uses just good old fashioned ways to scare you.


Set in today's world, some sort of event has happened and Earth is now inhabited by these awful creatures that are barbaric and hunt humans, but can only do so when they hear them. They cannot see,  but sound of any kind now is the enemy of all of mankind.  So this family lives in silence and communicates through sign language to survive. But they soon learn that is easier said than done, as about every imaginable thing makes sound on earth. Can they survive?


This movie has very little dialogue, and that is very interesting. The silence to me still, became a bit fatiguing, but at only 90 minutes (good decision)  this works.  And this is going to continue to work for a few weeks, as word of mouth will be great on this, and it's quite good.


A Quiet Place.   Very good, intense.  




The Miracle Season

There are some movies that have a nice story to tell, but lack the budget and commitment to make it great.  And that is the case here.  This is not a terrible movie by any stretch, but could have been a whole lot better.

This is the true story of the 2011 Iowa City, Iowa West High School women's volleyball team, and their struggles on and off the court after the death of their star player and inspiration, Caroline Found.  This is also a story worth telling, but this could have used a rewrite two.  Much of this is cliche', and looks rushed, and pushed through.  Also, Oscar winners Helen Hunt and William Hurt, seem to be taking this to simply find work and that's hard to watch too.


But, this even though this isn't near perfect at all, families will like this and that is generally fine with me.  We need all kinds of movies for all kind of fans.  Found's legacy does shine through and that is great, even if the movie writing and making is not.

The Miracle Season.  Problems, yes.  But fine for family day.


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