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Ray Horner Podcast - 9/10/2019 Featured

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:19 - The Browns better get their acts together ahead of next Monday’s matchup against the Jets, according to everyone including our guest Terry Pluto. The award-winning sportswriter recapped the Browns’ undisciplined performance on Sunday, and he also touched on the Indians, who are still in the hunt for either the wild card or the AL Central.

11:58 - A topic near and dear to Tony’s heart is fast food, so Ray mentioned a few of the worst rated quick service restaurants around the country.

16:35 - Tribe VP Bob DiBiasio joined the show for his usual Tuesday Hey Bobby! segment. He talked about his favorite non-superstar Indians from yesteryear, and discussed the scheduling conflicts they may have with the other pro teams in town.

20:51 - HGTV has purchased the old Brady Bunch house, and they invited the Brady kids back for their reality fixer-upper show. The panel had some fun talking about the Brady kids in the present day.

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