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Ray Horner Podcast - 2/18/2020 Featured

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:17 - February is Black History Month, and each day, Ray Horner will interview a member of the community who has been of influence and made a difference. Today, Ray sat down with Al Bragg, retired captain from the Akron Fire Department.

7:52 - February 18th is the cutoff date for voter registration before next month’s Ohio Primary. Secretary of State Frank LaRose discussed that, as well as his opposition towards Jane Fonda speaking at Kent State on May 4th.

12:46 - In the world of politics, Michael Bloomberg is rising up the ranks in the Democrat Party, and will even qualify for the next debate. The morning show panel talked about Bloomberg’s rise with centrists and how his momentum may split the party.

19:57 - Today is National Drink Wine Day, though Millennials seem to be abandoning the bottles of red and white in favor of craft beer.

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