Tuesday, 09 May 2023 10:16

A Proposal for Recreational Marijuana May Make it to the November Ballot Featured

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Recreational marijuana may be on the Ohio ballot this November, as advocates begin collecting signatures for their proposal to change the state law.

News5 reports that The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Coalition is looking to legalize and regulate recreational weed for adults 21 and up. Under the proposal, individual Ohioans would also be able to grow up to 6 marijuana plants, with a limit of 12 per household.

The group is under a time crunch with only 2 months to collect 124,000 signatures from 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties, but the group is confident they’ll get there, with Tom Haren of The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Coalition saying,  "Let me be clear: we are going to submit the required number of signatures by July 5 to get it on the ballot this November."

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