Wednesday, 10 May 2023 10:32

Summit County to Expand Juror Selection Featured

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Keep an eye on the mail for your jury summons as Summit County looks to expand its pool of eligible jurors.

The Beacon Journal reports that starting in September the jury selection pool will expand beyond just registered voters, and include those with driver’s licenses and state identification cards in hopes of getting a more diverse pool of jurors. 

Summit County Council President Veronica Sims pushed for the move presenting the idea, alongside Councilwoman Erin Dickinson, to the 10 judges of the Summit County Common Pleas Court’s General Division who agreed that more Summit residents should be involved in the justice system.

Susan Baker Ross, the presiding judge in Summit County Common Pleas Court released a statement saying that, “The Ohio Revised Code allows courts to draw jurors from both sources.”  Summit County will join 47 other courts in Ohio that use both voter registration and driver’s license rolls to select jurors.

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