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How Now, Butter Cow? Featured

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The Ohio State Fair in Columbus is officially open now, through August 6, with all the fun and traditional attractions like rides, fair food, and of course; their world famous butter cow!

But 'ol Bessie has a lot of company this year, in the form of famous Ohio inventors.

The display is courtesy of the American Dairy Association, and is made from approximately 2,000 pounds of butter. It also includes details like  a traffic signal, created by Garrett Morgan, and  a light bulb invented by Thomas Edison.

You’ll notice the Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville, were not included in this particular display. The dynamic duo were already featured in the 2003 Butter Cow Display, which honored their first flight.

Scroll down to see them with their inventions. 

Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb

02 ThomasEdison

Garrett Morgan, who invented the traffic light

03 GarrettMorgan

Josephine Cochrane, who invented the first (hand powered) dishwasher

04 JosephineCochrane

James M. Spangler, who invented the first commercially successful electric vacuum cleaner

05 JameSpangler

Display with cow and calf

01 FinalDisplaywithCowandCalf


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