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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-4-28-23: Cold Case DNA Technology

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What if your insurance company could use your DNA to raise your rates if they think you might get cancer someday? Or, what if a foreign adversary, like China, for example; could use DNA to reveal the true identity of all of our spies?

Think that's farfetched? Well, Akron-based journalist, author, and cold-case DNA expert, James Renner doesn't think so.

Find out why, as I explore advances in cold case DNA technology, and talk about the how the science we use to catch killers, could one day catch all of us in invisible data nets, violating our privacy in ways we can only barely imagine, today.

To find out more about James Renner's non-profit organization that helps police catch killers; "The Porch Light Project", go to, and for his books, including "Amy: My Search for Her Killer", "True Crime Addict", and and "Little Crazy Children", go to


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