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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-5-5-23: Batteries & Bolt

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EV batteries, and the demise of the Chevy Bolt.

That's what we're focusing on this week, as we discuss how companies making electric batteries for carmakers including Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, and BMW are increasingly building plants in Southern states.

We wanted to know what that might mean for traditional auto industry strongholds like Ohio and Michigan, where EV battery plants are also being built.

Are jobs here threatened by the proliferation of plants in other states, like Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky, or is there enough work to go around for everybody?

We also wanted to find out why GM has decided to discontinue production of its popular, and affordably priced Chevy Bolt.

So, we talked to CBS News Auto Industry correspondent, Jeff Gilbert, who is also a reporter at WWJ Radio, in Detroit:



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