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Protecting Kids From The Harmful Effects Of Social Media

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Today we're exploring the effects of social media on kids and teens, and what is being done to address them.

In our latest edition of  "This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro", we're talking with two experts on the topic; a professor from the University of Akron, and a nationally known tech journalist.

This has been an interesting week, with the state of Ohio's new law that requires parents to consent to children under the age of 16 now on hold, because of a lawsuit filed by an organization representing the tech industry.

That group, NetChoice, got a federal judge to issue a temporary injunction to stay the law, that was supposed to go into effect on Monday, January 15th.

In addition, Meta, which owns both Facebook and Instagram, announced some voluntary controls on what kids and teens can see in their feeds, and access through searches.These new restrictions are related to topics which have been shown to harm mental health, including body image, suicide, and more.

Listen now to my conversation with Professor of Practice, Julie Cajigas, who teaches classes on social media at the University of Akron:


Cajigas Headshot

Prof. Julie Cajigas, University of Akron

 Next, a deeper dive into this topic, with Ian Sherr, who recently left CNET after 15 years as their Editor at Large, and who is now a frequent CBS News contributor.

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Ian Sherr, CBS News Tech Contributor

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