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Wings Over America: NASA Testing New Space Plane In NE Ohio

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Dream Chaser @ NASA Neil Armstrong Test Facility Dream Chaser @ NASA Neil Armstrong Test Facility Sierra Space

A new era in space exploration is unfolding at NASA's Neil Armstrong Test Facility near Sandusky, Ohio.

That's where they're testing the new autonomous Dream Chaser Space Plane, made by Colorado-based, Sierra Space.

The first of its kind, named "Tenacity", is currently undergoing rigorous testing, with plans for it to travel to the International Space Station for the first time, later this year.


Photo Credit: Sierra Space

To find out why this new, reusable vehicle with retractable wings that can land on any runway, could usher in a whole new era in space exploration and commercial development; listen now to our conversation with Senior NASA Glenn Research Center Project Manager, Lucas Staab, and Jake Ingram, Director of Programs at Sierra Space.

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