Thursday, 19 March 2020 09:05

Ray Horner Podcast - 3/19/2020 Part 1 Featured

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:17 - WAKR continues to get the information out there in the fight against COVID-19, which, according to President Trump, feels like wartime.

6:32 - Akron mayor Dan Horrigan called into the program to discuss how the city is fighting the Coronavirus, specifically the importance of social distancing and the medical corridor.

12:59 - From a financial perspective, how poorly is this affecting peoples’ retirements and 401K’s? Robert Dodaro of Prism Wealth Management (and Financial Focus, Sunday mornings on WAKR) explains.

19:39 - Akron Public Schools is doing their part to not just fight the virus, but to fight hunger, as well. Becky Fox is a dietitian and the director of children services at Akron Public Schools.

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