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Advocacy Group Sues Over Ohio August Special Election Featured

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An advocacy group, and a few Ohio residents are suing over the August special election passed by Ohio lawmakers last week.

The Beacon Journal reports that The One Person One Vote coalition, that filed their suit with the Ohio Supreme Court, says the "The question every voter should be asking themselves is – why August, when there was already an election scheduled for November?" 

The special election, scheduled for August 8th would see citizens voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that would make it harder to amend the Ohio constitution in the future. The proposed measure would require 60% of voters to pass a constitutional amendment, as opposed to a simple majority. 

The coalition claims the special election is the result of influence from interest groups who hope to make it harder to amend the Ohio Constitution before the November election. Why November? Because that’s when any proposed amendments that would protect the right to an abortion in the state of Ohio may appear on the ballot. 

There’s been some debate over the legality of the proposed August special election, with the coalition saying that establishing the election through a joint resolution is not legal.

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