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Mpox Rising Again: Drive Through Vaccination Clinic in Akron June 20 Featured

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The CDC is advising healthcare providers and public health agencies nationwide, to encourage people to get vaccinated, who are most at risk of contracting what used to be called "Monkeypox", but is now just called "Mpox".

In a recent post on the CDC website, they report that although the number of reported mpox virus cases has dropped dramatically nationwide since last year; they have seen several unlinked cases cropping up in various locations each week, and have detected the virus through intermittent wastewater monitoring. This, they say, is an indication of ongoing, undetected transmission.

Now they are warning that the risk of outbreaks could increase, as people gather this spring and summer for festivals and other events, with high potential for skin-to-skin contact, or increased sexual activity.

Individuals who are most at risk for illness from this virus, include those who are currently gay, bisexual, other men who have sex with men (MSM), and transgender people, and they advise people in those groups to be vigilant about the possibility of community transmission, to take steps to reduce risk of infection, and to seek vaccination.

In addition, they caution that Infections after vaccination are possible but getting the two-dose vaccine makes getting and spreading the disease less likely. Follow this link to the CDC website, to find out how you can protect yourself against the it.

The vaccine may also help make symptoms less severe, and easier to manage. It may also protect against severe infection, hospitalization, and death. If you have symptoms of mpox, CDC officials are urging that you get tested, even if you’ve been vaccinated or had mpox. 

In response, Summit County Public Health is conducting a drive-through Mpox vaccination clinic onTuesday, June 20, 2023 at 1867 W. Market St. Akron, Ohio 44313 from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. But, because adequate protection from the virus is only possible witih two doses, spaced several weeks apart; they will be offering a second dose clinic drive thru on July 18, from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

Appointments are required, and you should bring a photo ID. To make an appointment, visit: https://scph.link/mpxjun20

For more information, listen to Ray Horner's interview with Summit County Health Commissioner, Donna Skoda. She also addresses the issue of long-haul COVID, emphasizing that even people who had a mild case of COVID can experience continuing health problems from it, that it is not "all in people's heads", and that it is indeed an actual medical condition. 


Donna Skoda SCPH

Donna Skoda, Summit County Public Health Commissioner

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