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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-3-11-22: 5-G vs. Aviation Safety: What's Next?

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Great for your mobile phone, not so great for aviation. Find out what is behind continuing concerns about the rollout of 5-G technology nationwide, and what is being done to make sure you're safe to fly.

Our featured guest is Dr. Tim Collins, who is a former Air Force fighter pilot, aviation technology researcher, and currently the President of Walsh University in North Canton, where they just started offering a new Bachelor's Degree program in Aviation. He explains how and why mobile phone 5-G radio signals could possibly interfere with airplane radio altimeters, which allow them to safely avoid obstacles in bad weather, and what can likely be done to mitigate that threat.

We'll also bring you tesimony from a recent US House of Representatives hearing in Washington, where officials outlined how a massive breakdown in communication between three federal agencies, the aviation industry, and the telecom industry resulted in flight delays and cancellations in January.

Since then, the telecom industry agreed to temporarily delay acitivating 5-G towers near major airports while technical issues are adressed, but that does not include the smaller "general aviation" airports all around the country for private and and corporate planes.

So, where do we go from here? Listen now, to find out.


Dr. Tim Collins, President, Walsh University

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