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This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro-9-8-23: Hacking The Hackers: FBI Drops The Hammer

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It's been a busy week for Federal law enforcement, which both brought down a huge Russian cybercrime botnet, and also indicted multiple Russian cyber criminals for spreading malware and ransomware that resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars from victims worldwide.

The indictments out of three different jurisdictions, Northern Ohio, Middle Tennesee, and the Southern District of California, allege the defendants used Trickbot malware and Conti ransomware to attack hospitals, schools, businesses, local governments, financial institutions, and even police departments.

In a press release issued Thursday, September 7,  U.S. Attorney Rebecca C. Lutzko for the Northern District of Ohio, “Today’s announcement demonstrates that these dangerous cybercriminals are not anonymous, as they once believed. The indictments unsealed today show the resolve of the international community to work together to bring cybercriminals to justice. We will continue to use all resources at our disposal to stop cybercrime.”

To find out more about the indictments, including those out of the Northern District of Ohio , click here for the full text of the Justice Department release.

In addition, the FBI recently brought down a major Russian cybercrime operation called QUAKBOT , by essentially "hacking the hackers", and causing the vast army of infected computers to stop spreading malware, and instead; to spread code that uninstalled the malware infecting more than 700 thousand computers worldwide. 

The two operations were related, as the disabled QUAKBOT was one of the instruments used to spread the malicious Trikbot and Conti ransomware.

Listen now for details on the QUAKBOT takedown, from FBI Director, Christopher Wray, and our special guest, Stark State College Associate Professor in Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics, Glenn Goe.


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