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Don't Get Tricked! How To Avoid Bank Scams

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Imagine getting a call late at night from someone telling you your child had been kidnapped, and will be killed unless you give up all your banking information. Would you do it? 

Or, what if your "bank" fraud services department calls to let you know there's been some suspcious activity on your account, and they just need you to confirm a few facts before they can let you in on all the details. Of course, you figure because they say they're from your bank, and they sound like they're from your bank, and they have all kinds of private information only your bank would know, then; it stands to reason they're legit. Right?


Oh, so very, very, very wrong.

Find out how and why. Listen to our conversation with David Kennedy, who is the CEO of Cybersecurity Consulting Firm, TrustedSec.

They provide cybersecurity services to companies worldwide, and they are headquartered in Fairlawn, Ohio.



David Kennedy, Founder & CEO, TrustedSec

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